Website Audits

Choose the Area(s) you want audited plus the Fix Solution to improve your website results.


Three Website Audit Options

You aren’t the only one who hasn’t touched their website in ages. You aren’t sure where to make updates, improvements or design changes. We will show you where to begin to make the most important updates and how to do them.

Introducing the Website Audit.

Designed to give you the start to focusing your energy and resources to better improve / quickest results for you.


Choose The Area Of Focus For Your Website Audit:

Where do you start to improve your website?  Your Website Audit begins with the area’s you want improved and the website improvement suggestions you want to purchase.  Or, we will choose the most important/obvious for you.

A few of the area’s for your website audit:

  • Improve your SEO
  • Site link analysis – internal
  • Site link analysis – external
  • Visitor usability
  • Design
  • Graphic improvements
  • Website loading time
  • Coding errors
  • Hacking exploits
  • Customer conversion suggestions


Results Of Your Website Audit with Fix Solutions

You will receive from half a page to a full page for each recommendation with fix.  15 recommendations with fixes is usually close to 10 pages.  We explain the problem, often times with a reason why it is a problem, and then how to fix the problem.


How WE Complete the Website Audit Fix Solutions:

We will submit a proposal to fix the changes you want completed.  For different reasons, you may want a couple recommendations completed or all of them.  Or you could want some fixed now and others later.  We have done many combinations to date. Our usual time to complete your fixes is within one week.  Your success is important to us.


What If I Want Another Website Audit?:

Excellent.  You are on your way to getting on the first page of your product or service keywords!  Choose the area’s you want to concentrate on, or let us choose the most important area’s.  The more you work to align your website with search engine and keyword standards for your industry, the more successful your website will be to your company or brand audit