Sales Funnel Control

Sales Funnel Control

What You Want…What You Really Really Want…is closing the sale faster.

Sophistication.  Personified.  Delivered.

What is forgotten in your Sales Funnel is the degree to which you understand your websites true value.  Depending on the page that had a link to your website you can control the information your visitor will read, follow, email, fill out a form or call you.

Manufacturer links to your website:  Visitor wants more information about who sells that new piece of equipment locally.  Your custom page tells them what you have in stock, your address and how to contact you.

News article about a new dental device with a link to your website:  Visitor wants to know if you have it stock, does it work, what are their most likely results.  Your custom page tells them to start the process of contacting you.

Your salesman is asked by a potential client about a rarely purchased item you sell:  Salesman refers to the website to get more information to supplement the continuation of giving the client the opportunity to buy.

Newspaper website article showcases custom shirts with a slick wrap-around design:  Visitor researches to find you sell them, have them in stock, and can show you the process of how the printing is done when you visit their shop in person.  Your custom page makes them want to contact you.

Underlying the funnel process to complete the sale is your website, or what we refer to as your online repository.  The one you can control.  The one that you do control.

But how to let go and let it create is key.

Everyone can come into your sales funnel at any stage…

About-The-Design-Sales– New Opportunity

– Initial Communication

– Fact Finding

– Develop Solution

– Propose Solution

– Solution Evaluation

– Negotiation

– Purchase Order

-Account Maintenance

Every step of the way is controlled by the content on your website for your online visitor.  The most successful Facebook ads link to their company’s website, not their company Facebook page.

You have to trust your setup will work.  Our process of creating individual pages for your website for particular purposes is based on our sales funnel research.  We don’t design without it.

Who is the one who said you have to go through every stage?  The ones who do go through every stage are the most cynical people around.  Or you must be dealing with a committee.

You decide the quantity of ads/links/buttons/graphics/NOISE that will take away from the core reason that got the FB visitor to click on your ad to the type and location of information you will give them to satisfy their need.  The reason is easy to see why.


Control means you can further progress the visitor to purchasing no matter what stage of the sales funnel they entered.  If you want to grow your business.  If you want to stay in business.

Now is the perfect time to talk about taking Control.

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