Membership Agreement

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  1. Secure Trade initial membership
  2. Secure Trade will issue a barter or gift card to each member.
  3. Member agrees to pay a 10% cash fee based on the total value of each purchase from other Members. This transaction fee will be processed through our accounting platform in real time. The website will attempt to pay this fee out of your available CBA. If there is not enough to cover the trade transaction fee the site will attempt an​ auto-load​ of the amount needed to process the transaction plus $50 which will be placed into your CBA for future trade transactions. If the form of payment on file declines your trade transaction will be declined. To avoid a declined barter transaction, Members must load their CBA (Cash Barter Account) by logging into the website and following the steps to “load my CBA.”.
  4. Member hereby grants use of their logo, name, or likeness to Secure Trade.
  5. Secure Trade agrees to pay a referral commission of 10% of the 10% cash fee on all trade transactions for each new member that is sponsored by current member, as long as the referring member is actively trading. The commission is paid on the cash transaction fee collected by Secure Trade, through the Rewards account, when the new sponsored member makes a purchase.
  6. A referral is defined as a new trade member who is referred to Secure Trade by another member. Qualifying referrals must be emailed or texted to a Secure Trade representative. The first referring member according to the time of this email or text will be given the referral. Secure Trade management has the final say in all trade referral decisions.

Policy and Guidelines

Membership Agreement

  1. Each member shall furnish all products and/or services at regular listed pricing to other members of Secure Trade for 100% Secure Trade Dollars.
  2. Purchases by members are made using the Secure Trade trade platform in amounts available in member’s trade account and/or credit line established through Secure Trade.
  3. All sales between Secure Trade Members will immediately post via the Secure Trade platform. Secure Trade reserves the right to pay any invoice on behalf of the trade member using their available funds.
  4. Any invoice over thirty days old shall be force paid by the Secure Trade office. This transaction may result in a negative trade and/or CBA balance.
  5. Secure Trade or the member may put their trade account on a “Standby” status, thus suspending selling capability as long as their account has a positive trade balance.
  6. All equipment provided to members for the purpose of utilizing Secure Trade , is the property of Secure Trade , and must be returned to Secure Trade, in the same condition it was received. The member is responsible for any loss, theft, or damage that may occur as a result of non-standard use.
  7. The declaration and reporting of all local, state, and federal taxes resulting from trade transactions between members rests solely with the member. Secure Trade will provide, at fiscal year end, a 1099​B IRS Form for member tax purposes.
  8. All members enter into this agreement and/or all trade transactions voluntarily. Secure Trade is not responsible for products or services performed, delivery, payment, warranties, etc, traded by members of Secure Trade.
  9. Upon termination of this agreement, outstanding balances due Secure Trade must be paid in full within 30 days in cash, check, or money order.
  10. Secure Trade reserves the right, at their own discretion, to charge your form of payment on file for the negative trade balance at anytime throughout the course of this agreement.
  11. Any enforcement of this contract shall be agreed upon to be enforced in the proper Jurisdiction of East Baton Rouge Parish courts. Member and/or Secure Trade , may cancel this membership agreement at any time, after a five day written notice. All negative balances must be paid in full via check made payable to Secure Trade.
  12. ____ ​Exclusivity Agreement:​ New members agree not to enlist/join in any other trade organizations which members are not currently a member. In turn, Secure Trade, agrees to extend member an interest-free line of credit, pay them for their referrals, and offer secure transactions through the Secure Trade Independent Companies agreement.

*All Parties agree to read and abide by these Secure Trade , Policies and legal guidelines

Secure Trade ,940 Oneal Lane​ – Baton Rouge, LA 70816

I. Membership Agreement

Secure Trade Independent Companies agreement

The ​STIC®​ ​​is an association of independent companies formed for the express purpose of protecting trade currency. This entity protects you against the loss of your cash and trade dollars if a ​STIC®​

trade company fails or experiences a catastrophic loss of data.

II.STIC®​ ​protects your trade and cash accounts dollar-for-dollar, trade dollar plus any transaction fee accrued or due to the trade member, through the date of default, up to at least $250,000 Trade and $25,000 cash balance.

*​For example, if a person a trade balance was $195,000 and they had $19,500 in transaction fees in their account, the full $19,500 would be guaranteed in their cash balance account, and $195.000 in their trade account.

III. In the event of a trade company’s insolvency, the ​STIC®​ ​responds in two capacities. First, as the guarantor of the data, the ​STIC®​ ​transfers trade fees associated with covered trade transactions to members up to the approved limit. ​STIC®​ ​will move the CBA and trade portion within 7-10 days after a trade company

closing or data breach, by providing each trade member with a new account at the nearest ​STIC®​ ​covered trade company in an amount equal to the covered balance of their barter and cash account at the failed trade company. ​STIC®​ ​assumes no responsibility past the original $250,000 of trade deposits and $25,000 in CBA balance.

Secure Trade ,940 Oneal Lane​ – Baton Rouge, LA 70816